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Welcome to the official Wikia of the bestselling young adult fantasy novels by Katie Cross. Here, you can learn all about the places, the characters, the series'

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publication history, future projects set in the world of Antebellum, and much more!

The Network Series is a collection of five books, Miss Mabel's School for Girls (March 2014) and Alkarra Awakening (September 2014), Mildred's Resistance (July 2015), The High Priest's Daughter (September 2015 ), and the final book, War of the Networks (June 2016). There are also three short story collections, The Isadora Interviews (June 2014), Short Stories from Miss Mabel's (February 2017), and Short Stories from the Network Series (March 2017). There are also other series set in the world of Alkarra: The Dragonmasters Trilogy which consists of Flame (March 2018), Flight (May 2019), and Freedom (July 2020). There is also a novella and a short story collection: The Ronan Scrolls and Chronicles of the Dragonmasters. The second series is The Alkarra Collection which consists of standalone stories. The current plan is for five novels: The High Priestess (winter 2020), The Advocate (summer 2021) The Weavers of Magic (release date TBD), The Witch Without Magic (release date TBD), and The Swordmaker (release date TBD). A trilogy entitled The Mortal Wars is also in the works.

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